Thursday, December 7, 2017


Denise was so frustrated! She had already made all kinds of suggestive comments about sex. Fred was certainly a nice guy, but he sure seemed dense, or inhibited, or something. She decided to tell him about what she did after their last date. “I was so horny after our last date” Denise related, “that when I got back to my apartment I went upstairs to visit with my two neighbors. These two guys and I have sex fairly often.” Fred started to get hard at the thought of his date having sex with two guys. “They took turns screwing me “Denise continued, “but I really would have preferred having sex with you.”

Now Denise was hoping that her story might get Fred to invite her in for sex. But instead he just kissed her goodnight and went inside. He was so horny after hearing her story that he dropped his pants and masturbated. His imagining Denise being screwed made him cum almost immediately. Afterwards he thought about how he had missed another opportunity to have sex. He’d probably be a virgin for life. And Denise would probably not want to go out with him anymore.

But the next week Denise called and asked him if he’d like to go to a movie. Fred naturally agreed and when he went to bed he masturbated to thoughts of finally having sex with her. And after the move Denise invited Fred in. They sat on her couch for awhile but nothing happened. Then Denise got up and said “I’ll be right back.” as she disappeared momentarily into her bedroom. When she returned Denise was wearing a white bathrobe.

By this time Fred was getting nervous about what he should do. He knew that most guys would put the moves on her. He new that Denise was the kind of girl who was “easy”. But what was he to do? Denise laid down on the couch next to Fred. Then she pulled open her robe!

Fred could see Denise’s bare breasts. They were so nice looking. Her nipples were hard and erect. Fred’s eyes glanced down from Denise’s breasts to her thighs. She was wearing red sheer panties and he could sort of make out her dark bush beneath. Then he looked back into her eyes. She seemed to be waiting for him to do something. Fred quickly undressed.

Denise saw that Fred’s little dick was hard and sticking straight out. She had hoped that it was bigger, but then a girl never really knows until she gets a good look. Fred looked at Denise’s breasts again, then back down to her panties. He took hold of them and slipped them down clumsily down her thighs. Fred could now see her dark curly pubic hairs. They seemed strangely inviting. He put his face down into her dark muff and gave Denise a kiss right on her pussy lips.

Denise grabbed Fred’s head and pushed his face hard against her crotch. Fred started licking. He could smell the aroma of her wet pussy and he found it to be very arousing! He held her thighs between his hands and continued to run his tongue across her pussy lips until she arched her back and started slowly rocking her hips. Then Fred felt her pussy juices run onto his face and into his mouth. He had given Denise an orgasm!

Now most guys would have crawled on top of her and fucked her. But Fred just remained with his head between her legs, looking up at her beautiful body. Denise wanted more so she pushed his face back into her crotch and Fred started licking her again. Now her pussy was wetter than before and her juices thicker and tastier. And the view of her soft stomach and breasts sticking up to frame her face was so exciting! Fred’s hard cock was pressing hard against the couch and this time when Denise arched her back and rocked her hips Fred blew his load of hot cum.

Denise was still for a few moments. Then she looked at Fred and said “That was nice. Now let’s screw.” “But I came too.” Fred replied. “What?” Denise exclaimed. Then she looked at the wet spot on her couch and started laughing. “Oh my gosh! You’re not kidding!” she exclaimed. Then she said “Ok, how about giving be some more face?” Fred was glad to oblige and he dove face first back into Denise’s crotch.

After Denise had her third orgasm she said “Now I want to give you some instruction on eating pussy. Do you know where my clit is?” Fred nodded without taking his face out of her crotch. He had seen plenty of clits in all of the porn he regularly masturbated to. “Good, not lick my clit.” Denise ordered. Fred did as he was told and before long Denise was having another orgasm. “Now I want you to see how far inside my pussy you can stick your tongue.” she ordered. Fred tried his hardest. “Not bad.” Denise encouraged. “Now in and out with it. Pretend your fucking me with your tongue.” Fred did exactly that and after a few minutes managed to bring Denise to another orgasm.

Fred had mixed feelings when he left. He didn’t really have sex with Denise, but he had made progress. And she was no longer frustrated. When he got back to his apartment he started masturbating, reliving every moment of their sexual encounter. He continued the next morning. The more he masturbated to those memories of licking Denise’s pussy the more he felt glad about the way things had worked out. In fact, he convinced himself that it was something extra special that he had made her cum so many times without having screwed her.

Denise called Fred later in the week and asked him on another date. Afterwards they ended back on her couch. “Let’s screw tonight.” she said as she gave Fred a deep kiss. Fred always got excited when she would stick her tongue in his mouth like that. But after they both undressed he said “Let’s just do the same thing we did last time.” Denise was ok with that. She certainly enjoyed having Fred go down on her, as most of the guys who screwed her didn’t. Fred wanted it that way partly because he was anxious about his performance. But he also derived some strange excitement out of the whole situation. So it started that Fred and Denise had cunnilingus on a regular basis- but never screwed.

But one evening when they were both undressing Denise said “Maybe it’s time we screwed.” “Let’s not” Fred replied, “don’t you enjoy my going down on you?” “Yes, very much” Denise said, “but I’m still screwing other guys and I feel kind of funny not doing it with you.” “I know” Fred said, “and it turns me on to think about it.” “Really” Denise asked as she spread her legs apart. “Yes. Especially, thinking about you having sex with your two neighbors.” Fred replied. “Have you done it with them lately?” “Yes, just a few days ago.” she answered as his tongue ran across the length of Denise’s pussy lips. Fred raised his head up for a moment and said “Tell me about it.”

“Dave took me into his bedroom first. I gave him a blowjob and then he got on top of me and screwed...” Denise trailed off as Fred’s tongue went back and forth across her clit. After her first orgasm was over Fred asked “And what about Rick?” “Rick took me into bedroom and I gave him a blowjob too. Then he turned me around and fucked me from behind.” Fred raised his head up and said “I like the sound of that!” Denise took hold of Fred’s head and pushed it back into her crotch. “Get back down there if you want to hear more.” she said. “I really like taking his big cock that way. It goes in so deep that way...”

The rest of their lovemaking was in silence except for Denise’s moans. When they were done Fred said “I suppose you think I’m a pervert.” “Your my pervert.” she replied holding his naked body against hers. Fred’s hard little dick pressed against her thigh. “Are you sure you don’t want to have sex now?” Denise asked as she took it into her hand. “Masturbate me” Fred replied. Denise started jerking him off. “Do you masturbate a lot?” She asked as she stroked his little dick. “Yes” Fred replied. “Do you think of me when you masturbate?” Denise asked. “Yes, all the time.” Fred replied. “And what do you think of?” she asked. “I think of your beautiful body, of going down on you, and of guys fucking you.” Fred replied. And right before he shot his hot load on Denise’s bare thigh he added “and going down on you after they fuck you!”

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Gina II

Gina looked at the ring and sighed. “That’s very sweet of you, but I just can’t accept your offer.” she said. “Why not?” Fred asked. “I once was engaged but it didn’t work out.” She explained. “I tried to be faithful to my fiance but I just couldn’t. You see, whenever some guy tries to pick me up I can’t resist. I just like screwing so much.” “And cunnilingus?” Fred asked. “Yes, especially cunnilingus.” Gena replied. “Well that’s no problem.” Fred asserted. “You see, if you were to marry me I would want you to screw other guys.” “Really?” Gina asked, hardly believing what she was hearing.

Gina thought about Fred’s proposition for a moment. This guy must be a real pervert she thought. But then she was such a slut. A whore! Maybe a pervert was just what she deserved! “Are you sure?” Gina asked. “Yes, I’m quite sure.” Fred replied. “In fact, I’d like to be your pimp.” “Oh, I see.” Gina said. “I thought you were talking about marriage.” “I am.” Fred replied. “I’d be your husband and pimp. And your clean-up boy too!” Gina looked down at that big diamond ring. She looked into Fred’s eager eyes. Then she thought about how nice it felt when he went down on her after she turned a trick. “Ok, sure, why not?” she said.

On their wedding day Gina wore a white miniskirt and crop-top. She had black fishnet stockings, red pumps, and a blue garter showing just below her hem. Fred was dressed in a black tux as were the seven men in the bridal party. They were all clients of Gina whom she had given invitations to after she judged their performance to be particularly enjoyable. They all stood before the justice of the peace who was wearing a long black robe.

“Fred, do you take this slut to be your lawful wedded wife, to let her screw whomever she pleases, and to give her oral sex whenever she wishes, never asking for sex in return?” The justice asked. “I do.” Fred replied. “And Gina, do you take this pervert to be your lawful wedded husband, to fuck lots of other men, and to let him lick your pussy afterwards?” “I do.” Gina replied. “Then I now pronounce you man and wife.” the justice proclaimed. “You may kiss the bride right after she gives me a blowjob.”

The justice threw open his long black robe. He was naked inside it and his large cock was erect. Gina went to her knees and took his cock into her mouth. Fred watched as he humped his new brides face. After a minute or so the justice let out a long moan as he blew his load inside her mouth. Then Gina got up and embraced Fred. Fred gave her a long, deep kiss as the seven men in the wedding party approached the couple and started undressing the bride. Gina and Fred’s tongues met as one of the men pulled her miniskirt down her legs. When he pulled down Gina’s red panties and shoved a finger in her cunt Fred felt her body stiffen. Then she was pulled away from her new husband as the guys finished stripping her down.

One of the guys had stripped down as the other six picked Gina up and brought her to him. The guys holding Gina’s legs spread them wide apart. The naked guy took hold of Gina’s waste and shoved his hard cock into her waiting cunt. Fred unzipped his pants and pulled out his little dick. He stroked it slowly so as not to cum too soon. He was so excited by the sight of his new wife getting fucked! When the naked guy was done with Gina Fred handed him a new $100 bill. “This is the first time I’ve ever been paid for fucking a prostitute!” the naked man exclaimed. “It’s worth every penny.” Fred replied. Then the guys brought Gina over to Fred, who knelt down to like her freshly-fucked pussy. While Fred brought her to another orgasm two more guys undressed.

The guys set Gina down on all fours. One of the two who had just stripped slid his cock in her pussy while the other put his cock in her mouth. Seeing his new bride double teamed really excited Fred! He stopped jerking his little dick just in time to keep from blowing his load, although he did leak a bit of cum. When the two were through with her Gina walked over to Fred and gave him a long, deep kiss. Then he went down on his knees and licked her pussy clean. Afterwards he thanked the two and gave then their $100 dollar bills.

The forth guy walked up to Gina, his hard cock sticking straight out, and began kissing her passionately. Gina took hold of his cock while he probed her mouth with his tongue. This went on for several minutes. Fred was starting to get jealous. It was one thing to fuck his new wife, but making out with her affected him differently. If only she would suck his cock. But he kept kissing Gena as she slowly stroked his cock. Finally number four blew his load on Gina’s thigh. Even then he didn’t stop kissing her. And when number four came for his $100 Fred balked. “You didn’t even fuck her!” Fred protested. “Give him his money.” Gina insisted. “and clean his cum off my leg.” Fred gave him the money and then got down on his knees to lick the cum that was running down Gina’s leg. “Lick it all up looser!” number four said with a laugh.

“I’m going to fuck this bitch in the ass!” the next guy asserted. He handed Fred a bottle of love oil and said “Grease that fuck pig up for me.” Gina got down on all fours raised her ass up. Fred took the oil and poured some on her tight asshole while number five slipped a plastic pig nose on her face. Fred slid his finger in Gina’s asshole getting iy nice and slippery for number five. “Face down, ass up!” number five ordered and then he took Gina’s ass cheeks between his hands and slid his huge cock into her asshole. “Oink oink” Gina squealed as he fucked her hard in the ass. Fred liked this much more than kissing. He was a bit hesitant when it was time for him to clean up though, as this was the first time he had licked Gina’s asshole.

The last guy had by far the biggest cock. He started out by fucking Gina missionary style. He started slow and gradually quickened his pace until Gina had her first orgasm. Then he turned her over and took her from behind. This time he fucked her even harder and she came even faster. Then he turned Gina over again and held her legs as he spread her apart. Fred watched her little titties bounce with each thrust. Soon she was moaning again as she had yet another orgasm. When she was done Goina turned to Fred and said “Come over her and get a closer look.” Fred laid down on the floor and Gina straddled over him. He could see her wet swollen pussy lips lined with her soft curly cunt-hair. Then he saw that huge cock penetrate his bride. He stroked his little dick as he watched just inches from where his wife was being fucked. Finally all three had orgasms at once. The guy with the huge cock filled Gina’s cunt with his thick creamy cum while Fred blew his load on her face.

Fred cleaned Gina up one last time as the wedding guests got dressed. Then they went to their hotel room and had cunnilingus for the rest of the evening. But the next day it was back to work for Gina and her new pimp.

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Gina I

Gina was just getting aroused when her client blew his load inside her. She would really have liked it if he had lasted a bit longer. But that was the way most of her “dates” went. Fred watched as Gina followed her client out of the cheap motel. He had watched them go in and imagined what might be going on inside. It made him very aroused to think about what the two might be doing. She was so cute and sexy! Fred approached her.

“Looking for a date?” Gina asked. “Oh yes, certainly!” Fred replied. So Gina went right back into that cheap hotel with Fred in tow. Once inside their room Fred asked “How much extra for us to have oral sex?” Gina was a bit surprised by the clients question. Usually she gave blowjobs to guys who couldn’t afford a lay. But she sure didn’t mind charging extra. And it was just as well she thought as she watched Fred undress. He didn’t have much of a dick!

Gina didn’t bother to get undressed. She just lead Fred over to the bed and started sucking his little dick. “You’re very pretty.” Fred said as he looked into her dark eyes. Gina’s eyes met his. She didn’t usually get complements from her clients!

Gina’s lips felt so nice sliding over his dick and Fred found the sight of her sucking him so very arousing that he felt close to blowing his load. So he asked “aren’t you going to get undressed?” Fred watched as Gina slipped off her bra. Such precious little titties! She slipped off her panties. Just what Fred had been hoping for, a nice neatly trimmed bush! Now Fred spread Gina’s legs apart and took a closer look. Cum from her last client was still oozing from Gina’s cunt. Just what Fred was looking for- a freshly fucked pussy! Fred gave Gina a long passionate kiss on her pussy lips! Then he went to work with his tongue.

The only thing Gina liked better than a good fucking was having someone go down on her. And Fred explored her pussy with his tongue, finding what turned her on most, so that she was soon close to orgasm. But then Fred backed off, teasing her a bit before bringing her close again. When he finally made her cum Gina thrashed about wildly. This excited Fred as he loved the feel of a woman’s orgasm. When Gina finally relaxed Fred kissed her pussy tenderly. Then he slowly started licking her again. Soon she was having her second orgasm, and then her third.

As Gina followed Fred out of the cheap hotel she couldn’t help thinking that she should be the paying customer.

That next evening when Gina walked the streets she was hoping to come across Fred again. She even passed up a few clients, thinking that she’d keep her cunt clean for a change. But after awhile she gave up and took on a client. He was an older man, slightly overweight, and he wanted his cock sucked first. “That’s right bitch!” he said, taking hold of Gina by her hair. “Suck it!!” Then he got on top and quickly cummed in side her. He laid on top of Gina for a bit, breathing heavily. Then as he handed Gena her money he remarked “Too bad you don’t have nice tits.” Gina blushed,

Once Gina was back outside Fred approached her. He had been waiting from afar until Gina finished with a client. “Oh, hello.” Gina said when she saw him. “How about a date?” Fred asked. “Sure.” Gina replied. Back in to the motel she went. This time Fred had his clothes off before Gina even started undressing. He went up to her, put his hands on her waist, and gave her a long, deep kiss. Gina could fee;l his stiff dick against her thigh. “You’re so beautiful.” Fred said. “I can’t wait to taste that freshly fucked cunt of yours.”
Fred stood back and masturbated his little dick as he watched Gina undress. Once naked Gina got on the bed and spread her legs apart. A little bit of cum leaked from her cunt. Fred started kissing her pussy lightly. Then he probed her pussy with his tongue. This was just what Gina was hoping for. Fred quickly brought her to orgasm. The second time he teased her repeatedly, bring her close and then backing off. He didn’t let Gina cum until she begged for it. The next time was fast and the time after that a tease again.

After several hours of cunnilingus Gina was drenched in sweat and totally spent. “I love your orgasms.” Fred said as he lifted his face from between her legs. “So much energy and passion.” “And I love the way you give face.” Gina replied. “You’re really good at it! But I really don’t feel right taking your money for it.” “Well, then let me buy you dinner.” Fred said.

At dinner Gina and Fred had a wonderful time. They talked about their lives and dreams and just about anything imaginable. Then Fred took out a little box and presented it to Gina. She opened it and saw that it contained a diamond ring. A really big diamond! “What’s this?” Gina exclaimed. “It’s an engagement ring.” Fred replied.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

New Client II

Angela’s black eyes were gone now and Shelley thought it might be a good time to visit that older gentleman again. The two went over how Angela should treat him. Shelley explained that men like Spencer enjoyed being teased and humiliated by pretty young girls. She also noted that he was really anxious to see Angela again.

When they arrived Angela was wearing the same outfit as last time, including the sunglasses. She couldn’t help but notice the way the older gentleman eyed her. “I’m thinking of giving you to Angela” Shelley told him, “but she isn’t sure she wants you.” Angela noticed the sad look on Spencer’s face. “Strip down so Angela can inspect what she would be taking on.” Shelley ordered. Spencer got undressed.

Spencer was bald and a little bit overweight. His dick was small but erect at the moment. Angela remembered the pussy licking he had given her. It was actually pretty nice. Shelley had trained him very well. And she wouldn’t have minded him fucking her with that little dick of his, but Shelley had explained that real sex was off limits for Shelley. He would only get jerked-off at the end of their sessions. And often he would have to do it himself!

“Down on your knees and show Angela what a pathetic jerk-off you are!” Shelley demanded. Spencer got down as he was told, took hold of his little dick, and started stroking it. “Tell Angela what you want to do.” Shelley commanded. “I would like to lick your pussy Mistress Angela.” Angela was starting to get wet at the thought of this older gentleman going down on her. And what’s more, she liked the sound of “Mistress Angela”! But she remembered Shelley’s instructions. “We’re going to have to make sure you keep your hands to yourself.” Angela said as she produced a pair of pink fur-lined handcuffs from her purse. “Yes Mistress Angela.” Spencer replied and he put his hands behind has back so Angela could cuff them.

Angela stood in front of the older gentleman for a moment. Then she took off her sunglasses and Spencer’s face lite up. He had no idea Angela had such beautiful eyes! “You’re so very pretty Mistress Angela!” he said. Now Shelley was a bit jealous. She wanted to help Angela get started as a dominatrix but it was a bit unsettling how eager Spencer was to be given away! For her part Angela kind of felt pity for Spencer, but she continued her act. She reached down and took hold of Spencer’s erect penis and said “This pathetic little penis doesn’t look like it’s good for anything at all.”

Spencer blushed. He was aroused by the touch of Angela’s hand on his dick. At the same time somewhere deep inside his mind he longed to be young and virile again, to have a huge cock that he could satisfy Angela with. But he hadn’t been able to maintain an erection inside a woman for sometime now. But it was hard now in Angela’s hand! “I bet you like jerking it off though, don’t you?” she asked. “Oh yes Mistress Angela, very much so.” Angela gave it a few strokes and then said “Well, maybe I’ll let you do that later, if you’re a good boy.”

Then Angela slipped off her dress and stood over Spencer in her lingerie, black net stockings, and red pumps. Her black lace panties had a slit in the middle that she put right in front of his face. “What do you say Spencer?” Shelley asked. “Please Mistress Angela, let me lick your pussy.” Spencer begged. “I don’t now if I should let you.” Angela teased as she put the slit even closer to his face. All of this was making Angela wet and Spencer could smell the sweet aroma of her pussy now.” “Oh please Mistress Angela, please let me lick your pussy.” Spencer begged, “I’ll do anything to lick your pussy.” Angela pushed her crotch against Spencer’s lips and he kissed her cunt lips through the slit in her panties.

Angela took hold of Spencer’s hair and pushed his face hard into her crotch. Spencer responded by licking her pussy. It didn’t take Angela long to reach orgasm. Her whole body quivered and then her pussy juices ran down on Spencer’s face. He licked up every drop of the precious fluid he could. His dick was rock-hard and precum was dripping from it. “More Spencer!” Angela demanded and Spencer responded. Shelley made a mental note to remind Angela later to keep her cool. But Angela was enjoying this so much that she couldn’t help herself.

After several more orgasms Angela finally released Spencer. She thought to herself that Spencer really deserved to get laid after that performance. But she remembered what Shelley had told her. Angela un-cuffed Spencer and said “Ok, you can jerk-off now.” Spencer immediately went to work on his hard little dick and quickly blew his load into the floor. Then Angela told him to lick it up. She felt a strange sense of power and superiority as she watched Spencer obey. Then she got dressed and Spencer payed her.

“Ok, I’ll take him.” Angela said as she walked out the door. Spencer was so happy! That evening he masturbated for hours thinking about his new mistress.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Angela gets a new client

Shelly looked at Angela’s black eye and exclaimed “What happened to you?” Angela hung her head and replied “I had a guy who got rough with me.” “You shouldn’t put up with that.” Shelly insisted. “I couldn’t help it!” Angela explained. “He grabbed my hair as I was sucking his cock and started ramming it down my throat. Then after he came in my mouth he hit me and called me a ‘fucking bitch’. On top of all of that, he wouldn’t even pay me!”

You poor girl.” Shelly said. “You just have the wrong kind of clients. Come with me tomorrow and I’ll show you a better way.” Angela wondered what Shelly had in mind. But she soon forgot about it after she hooked up with a customer. It was a quick fuck and she was back on the street. But then she ran into the guy who gave her that black eye the day before. “Get lost!” She told him. “I’m really sorry about last night.” the customer explained. “I don’t know what came over me. I wanted to pay you for that time and maybe show you that I can me nice. Maybe you’ll let me give you cunnilingus.”

Now Angela was wary of this guy, but he seemed sincere. And besides, the thought of cunnilingus always appealed to her. But once they were in a room, both naked, the customer grabbed Angela by her throat and said “Stupid bitch! Do you really think I would lick your foul cunt? Now down on your knees before I give you another black eye!” Angela was so upset with herself as the customer fucked her face. She had fallen for his line even though she knew better. And when he had cum in her mouth again he floored her with a right hook.

When Angela met Shelly the next day she had two black eyes. “Here, put these on.” she told Angela as she handed her a pair of dark sunglasses. Now come with me.

Angela was surprised that they went to a fancy upscale hotel. All of the rooms she had been working in had been cheap hotels. They went to one of the rooms and knocked on the door. An older gentleman dressed in a nice suit answered. “Shelly, it’s so nice to see you.” he said with a warm smile. “Is this your friend?” “Yes.” Shelley replied. “She’s going to help us today. But you don’t get to see her face. That’s for next time, if you behave yourself.” “You know I always behave myself.” the older gentleman replied. “Yes, you do.” Shelley said as she took a pair of pink fur lined handcuffs from her purse. “Now turn around.”

Angela watched with amazement as the gentleman turned around and let himself be handcuffed. Next Shelley took a blindfold from her purse and put it around the gentleman’s eyes. Then she unzipped his pants and pulled them down to his knees. Shelley gave his hard cock a few strokes . Then she put a cock leash around the base of his balls and cock. As Shelley gave the leash a few hard tugs Angela noticed the smile on the older gentleman’s face.

We’re going to play a little game now.” Shelley asserted. “It’s called guess who’s pussy your licking”! Shelly dropped the leash and started to undress. She motioned to Angela to do the same. When both ladies were completely naked except for their pumps, garter belts, and black net stockings Shelley ordered “Now down on your knees and stick out your tongue”.

The older gentleman knelt down and stuck out his tongue. Shelley motioned Angela to approach him’ Angela took his head into her hands and pushed his face into her crotch. His tongue felt so nice running up and down the length of her pussy lips, slowly at first, and then faster and harder. Angela’s clit swelled and the older gentleman went to work on it. First he licked Angela’s clit and then took it into his mouth and sucked on it. All the time Shelley was yanking on his cock leash. Finally Angela’s body began to quiver all over and her cunt juices oozed all over the older gentleman’s face and on to the lapels of his suit and tie.

Who’s pussy was that?” Shelley asked pulling on the gentleman’s cock leash. “Your friend’s.” He answered. “How can you tell?” Shelley asked. “She tastes a bit different than you, Shelley. And her clit is much bigger. And she got so wet!” He answered. “Sounds like you really liked her.” Shelley said. “Oh yes, very much.” he replied. “More than me?” Shelley asked. The older gentleman hesitated. It was clear he didn’t know what he should say. “Come on Spencer, tell the truth. If you like her pussy more than mine I’ll give you to her.” “Well, yes, I guess I do.” Spencer answered quietly.

Get dressed.” Shelley told Angela. “I’ll meet you in the lobby”. As Angela got dressed she watch Shelley jerking off the still blindfolded gentleman. And just as she was going out the door she saw Shelley put his face down to the little pool of white cum on the floor. “I always make sure he cleans up after himself.” Shelley said with a wicked smile.

After a few minutes Shelley met Angela in the lobby. “Now do you know what I mean by having the right kind of client?” she asked. Sure, that was easy.” Angela exclaimed. And Angela was even more taken with how much the old geezer paid out. “We’ll wait until your black eyes go away before we visit him again.” Shelley said. “It wouldn’t look good for your image to be seen with them. Besides it’s always a good idea to make these guys wait a little for the sex they crave.”

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Photoshoot 3

After dinner Fred and Angela went to her place for a nice cunnilingus session. Fred did everything Angela had instructed him to do. He took his time gently kissing and licking her pussy lips until they were swollen and she was wet. Then he fucked her with his tongue, working to get it as far in as possible. Finally he went to work on her clit, slowly at first, and then picking up in intensity. After her first orgasm he started the sequence over.

After several orgasms Angela took hold of Fred’s hair and said ”You remember during the photo shoot today when Rick told you to suck his dick?” “Yes.” Fred replied. “He was getting on my nerves. Licking cum out of your cunt isn’t all the same thing as sucking a dick.” “Oh I don’t know.” Angela said. “Where do you think all that cum game from?” “But it’s in your pussy. It’s mixed with your pussy juice. It’s on your beautiful body.” Fred protested. “I think it would be kind of exciting to see you do it.” Angela said. “Maybe you could suck it after he got it covered in my pussy juice.” “No way.” Fred asserted. And then Angela pushed his face back into her pussy and tey continued with their cunnilingus.

For the next photo shoot Fred arranged for even more studs to fuck Angela. It was her idea and when he suggested having another lady too she objected. Angela didn’t want to share any of the cocks. As usual Fred got some solo pics of Angela first. Then some pics of the guys groping her body. Then Angela started sucking cocks. Fred absentmindedly zoomed in on Rick’s cock. It was really big, and rather attractive Fred thought, at least as cocks go. He got several pics of it first near Angela’s face, then with her kissing it, and finally taking it in her mouth. Fred was getting really hard. His little dick was pushing against his jeans as he was the only one in the room with clothes on.

Then the fucking started. First one guy, then another, then two, and finally three at once. When Rick took his turn in Angela’s pussy Fred moved in for closeups. Angela took Tim’s cock out of her mouth for a moment so she could whisper something into Rick’s ear. Fred got a closeup of the two cocks, one in Angela’s asshole and the other in her cunt. Then Rick pulled his huge cock out of her and stuck it in front of Fred’s face.

“Why don’t you suck my cock?” Rick asked. Now Fred was annoyed. “It’s covered with her pussy juice now.” He continued. Fred could smell Angela’s sweet fragrance on Rick’s cock. And Rick’s cock did look very nice. Fred opened his mouth as Rick put his cock to Fred’s lips. Then it was in! It was soft and warm. Rick took hold of Fred’s head while Tim took Fred’s camera from his hand. Angela unzipped Fred’s pants and pulled them down sh that she could get hold of his little dick. Then she stroked it as Rick fucked Fred’s face. Angela timed her strokes just right so that Fred blew his load just as Rick shot his down Fred’s throat.

“I didn’t realize that Fred had such a small dick.” Frank remarked. “That little thing may be useless but he sure knows how to use his mouth!” Rick said and they all laughed. Then the guys went back to fucking Angela. Next they some of them blew their loads on her. Fred. His pants still down below his knees, handed his camera to Tim and went to work cleaning Angela, licking cum first from her pussy and then of her face and chest. When he was done Angela gave him a big, deep kiss. The two continued to make out until everyone else left. Then Angela said “Let’s go look at the pics you took. I’m dying to see them.”

Fred and Angela went into the back viewing room. Angela took one look at the huge flat screen monitor and said “I bet you come back her and masturbate to the pics after everyone leaves, don’t you.” Fred blushed. “Well, maybe sometimes.” He replied. “Come on, lets do it together. It’ll be fun!” Angela said. So they both masturbated as they viewed the day’s session.  

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Photo shoot 2

Fred arranged a second gang-bang for Angela. When the guys arrived they were all ribbing Fred about what he did at the last session. “You going to be on clean-up duty again Freddy?” one of the studs asked sarcastically. “Sure thing.” Fred replied. “That’s fucking gross.” another stud remarked.

The shoot started out like the last time with Fred getting solo shots of Angela. Then the guys moved in and started to grope her body. Fred could tell from the look on Angela’s face that she enjoyed the attention. Soon she was down on her knees, sucking one huge cock after another. One of the guys took hold of Angela’s head and started humping her face. That made Fred’s little dick really hard. When the stud pulled his cock out of Angela’s mouth he turned to Fred and said “Why don’t you give her a big kiss?”

Fred knelt down and kissed Angela. He could feel her tongue probing his mouth. Then he felt the stud’s huge cock against his cheek. “Why don’t you just suck my dick too?” the stud said sarcastically. Fred turned a bright red. He got up and said “Why don’t you save it for her cunt?”

The stud did just that. He turned Angela around and started fucking her doggy-style. Another stud put his cock in Angela’s mouth. Fred shot away, thinking how these pic would be such a nice addition to his collection. Pretty soon Angela was sitting in the lap of one of the guys, his cock up her ass and another in her pussy.

The guys all took turns with Angela’s holes. Fred got shots from all angles. Then as she was sitting on a cock with her pussy empty he approached to get a closeup. Cum was slowly oozing out of her swollen cunt. “Give her a nice big kiss.” the stud said. Fred ran his tongue over Angela’s pussy lips, lapping up that trickle of cum. “Gross!” one of the guys said. “Ya, you might as well suck our dicks!” another remarked. “Her pussy tastes so much nicer when she’s been freshly fucked.” Fred said. “No get back to fucking. We’ve got a photo shoot to do!”

There was more fucking, Angela had several orgasms, one guy blew his load in her asshole and two dumped their cum in her cunt. Then the three guys who still had their loads got around Angela and started jerking-off. She ended up with cum in her hair, on her face, in her mouth, and dripping down her chest.

Fred had been the only one in the room with his clothes on. Now he handed the camera to one of the studs and undressed. Once nude, his little dick stood straight out. It was obvious to everyone that he had by far the smallest dick in the room. “No wonder you use your mouth instead of your dick.” One of the guys remarked, “Right, I bet your tongue’s way bigger than your dick!” another chimed in. “I think he’s got a cute little dick.” Angela said and everyone laughed. “Besides, he’s really good with his tongue.”

Fred knelt down and gave Angela a kiss. Then he licked the cum off her cheek and started working his way down her body with kisses. “Clean that filthy slut!” one of the guys said. Fred buried his face between Angela’s legs and licked her cum-filled pussy until she had another orgasm. Then one of the guys said “Don’t forget about her asshole!” Fred turned Angela around and stuck his tongue in her tight, cum-filled asshole. “Oh, that feels nice!” she said as the guys all laughed. Then Angela turned Fred onto his back, sat on his face, and took his hard little dick into her mouth.

The stud with the camera got plenty of pics of the two lovers 69ing. It ended with them both having simultaneous orgasms. Then everyone got dressed and all the studs left. Angela turned to Fred and said “Dinner and then my place?” “Sure thing!” Fred replied.