Friday, July 14, 2017

The Photo Shoot

Fred really liked his job as a porn photographer. Watching sex up close! And he made a decent leaving at it too! But most of all he liked his always growing porn collection.

This new girl was really hot. And what’s more, she really seemed to be enjoying the two studs Fred hired to model with her. He couldn’t wait to jerk-off over these pics when they all left. In the mean time he worked hard to get shots from every possible angle. All the time his hard little dick was pushing against his pants. Fred would get so excited photographing other people having sex and anticipating his own pleasure with the product.

Later that afternoon Fred started displaying the jpgs on his large computer monitor. “Fuck that bitch”, he thought as he stroked his little dick, “fuck her real good”. This babe was so sexy, so lewd! And just as he was about to cum he got the idea to have her back again with six studs!

Fred blew his load into his cupped left hand just as he came to the pic of Angela with cum on her hairy bush and smooth belly. He imagined that he was licking that cum from her pussy as he brought his hand to his mouth and licked up his own cum. Fred had only ever eaten his own cum, but he did sometimes fantasize about licking cum off a well-used cunt.

Sure enough, a few days later Fred scheduled a shoot with Angela and six studs. He started by taking solo shots of Angela while she slowly undressed. The guys also started undressing as the watched Angela. Fred got close-up shots of Angela’s perky little titties, her lovely Face, and her hairy blond bush. Then he happened to notice that several of the guys had started stroking their huge hard cocks. Some of them had really impressive cocks. Pretty soon they would be filling Angela’s holes. Pretty soon they would be cumming all over her! Fred got a few shots of the guys. Then he said “Angela honey, why don’t you stand next to those guys?”

As soon as Angela stood over with the guys she had six pairs of hands exploring her naked body. Fred was taking pics in overdrive. He found the sight to be extremely exciting, especially the way Angela seemed to be enjoying all the attention! And Angela didn’t need any instruction. After a few minutes of being groped by all those hands and having the guys rubbing their hard cocks against her naked body she got down on her knees and sucked each cock in turn.

Then the fucking started. First one stud in her pussy. Then she sucked another while the first continued to pound her hard. Then the guy she had been sucking went around to her other side and started fucking her in the ass. Fred’s little dick was getting harder and harder as he circled around Angela and her lovers, getting shots from all angles. Two of the studs positioned Angela so they could put their cocks in her pussy and asshole. A third filled her mouth. Fred’s little dick was leaking cum as he continued to get more pics.

“That bitch is such a filthy slut!” Fred heard one of the studs remark. “Ya. I bet she likes rough sex.” Another replied. And with that we walked up to Angela, rammed his huge cock inside her pussy, grabbed her hair, and pulled back hard. Then he started fucking her really hard and fast. Angela’s whole body shook, her perky little tits bouncing up and down with each mighty thrust. Angela moaned. Then the stud pulled his cock out so that just the head teased her pussy lips. “More.” Angela moaned. “What do you want bitch?” The stud asked. “Fuck me!” Angela exclaimed. The stud pulled harder on Angela’s hair and said “Louder bitch!” “Fuck me. Fuck me. Please Fuck me!” Angela pleaded.

The guys were laughing and stroking their hard cocks as the stud fucked Angela harder than ever. “What a pathetic little slut!” Fred heard one of them say. Then Angela started moaning again and soon started shaking all over as she had her orgasm. The stud let out a grunt as he filled her cunt with his huge load of hot cum. Then he turned Angela around so that she was kneeling in front of him and had her lick his cock clean. The other studs took turns getting a blow job and then jerking-off onto Angela’s face. Fred got pics of them all.

Finally the last stud laid Angela on her back, knelt between her legs, and jerked-off onto her bush. Fred blew his own load in his pants, and that brought back the memory of the other night to Fred when he fantasized about cleaning Angela. In all of his excitement he went over to Angela and put his face between her legs. Then he started licking the cum off her bush and swollen pussy lips!

“That’s so disgusting!” Exclaimed one of the studs. Fred heard that remark and started to come to his senses. But Angela had taken hold of his head and pushed it into her crotch. Fred responded by licking her sloppy cunt faster. “That’s right lover boy, give that nasty slut face” one of the studs exclaimed and they all started egging Fred on. Fred had never eaten pussy before- he was a virgin. But after a few minutes he managed to bring Angela to orgasm. He felt the power of her orgasm as her body undulated against his face.

Angela released his head and Fred stood up, his face covered with love juices. “Way to go Freddy!” one of the studs remarked. “Ya, you put on a great show.” another added. And I got plenty of shots of the action another remarked handing Fred his camera back. Fred blushed. He didn’t know what had come over him.

Everyone got dressed and Fred paid each for their service. Angela was the last in line. “That was so cool what you did!” she exclaimed. Fred blushed. He didn’t know what to say. “I hear those rude comments they make about me. Just because I crave sex! You understand” she said as she stroked his face. “You couldn’t help yourself either, could you?” “No mam/” Fred said quietly as he blushed. “Mam!” Angela exclaimed. “So you’re a gentleman too! Well tell me, how was it?” Fred looked into her eyes and said “It was heavenly!” Angela smiled and said “Come on, you can buy me dinner. Then I’ll give you more of heaven!”

They had a quite dinner. Fred admitted to Angela that he was a virgin. That turned Angela on immensely. Then Angela took him back to her apartment. There she taught Fred all about cunnilingus and they practiced for hours. But Angela decided that they should save Fred’s virginity for a special occasion.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Angela broken in

Angela got out of the shower and wrapped a towel around her wet body. When she walked out of the bathroom her new roommate Karen was standing in front of her, completely naked. Angela was startled by the sight. It wasn’t that there was anything unusual about Karen being nude, it was the way she was standing there, as if she were waiting for something.

Karen walked up to Angela and asked “So what are your plans for this Saturday night?” “I was just going to study.” Angela answered meekly. Karen took hold of Angela’s towel and yanked it from around her body. “What are you doing?” Angela exclaimed. Karen’s answer was to put one hand on Angela’s tight ass, the other against her face and then to give her a long, deep kiss.

The sensation of Karen’s tongue probing her mouth made Angela very aroused. Karen;’s hand slid down from Angela’s face and found her firm little breast. Karen knew just how to knead her nipples to make them nice and erect. Angela couldn’t think. She knew that it was wrong to have sexy with another woman. In fact, Angela had never had sex with anyone. But she was so aroused she couldn’t think of what to do.

Angela ended up on the floor. Karen’s tongue was now on her breast. Then she was kissing Angela’s tummy. And now she put her face between Angela’s legs! Angela tried weekly to push her away, but when Karen’s tongue licked across her pussy lips she went limp.

Angela’s clitoris swelled up and Karen went to work on it. Soon she brought Angela to orgasm. This was such an intense pleasure that Angela had never before experienced. And when it was over she was very sensitive to the soft kisses Karen was giving her cunt lips. Angela looked down at Karen’s face between her legs. Now somehow Karen looked so much more beautiful than before. And when Karen looked up and their eyes met Angela felt strangely connected to her. But then Karen started licking her clit and Angela lost control again.

Karen made Angela cum several more times. Finally she stood up and said “I’m really glad to see that you’re a multiple-orgasm slut. We’re going to have so much fun!”

Saturday, March 18, 2017


Fred was sitting in front of his computer, masturbating to porn. At one point he switched to some pics of his ex. Often he liked to save his load for her. He was stroking to the one of her in a red bathing suit when the phone rang. At first Fred didn’t answer, he just kept jerking-off. But the phone didn’t stop ringing so finally he picked it up.

Get over her right away!” an angry voice demanded. “Your drain is stopped up again.” It was Fred’s ex. Fred smiled and continued to stroke his dick. “What’s that dear?” He asked. Fred felt as if he was about to cum. “Don’t call me that asshole!” Fred’s ex exclaimed. “Get over here right away!”

Fred drove over right away. When his ex answered the door he was stunned. She was wearing a sheer pink night gown. He could barely make out her nipples beneath the sheer fabric. Jeanne smiled as she noticed the bulge in her ex husbands pants. That is what she intended- she loved to torment the bastard! “It’s the kitchen sink” she said. “Hurry up!”.

Fred went into the basement, undid the plug on the trap, and ran a snake through the clogged pipe. All the time he was thinking about his ex in that sheer nightgown. Then, when the clog loosened, the water gushed back, splashing in his face. That always happened! Fred cleaned up the mess and then headed back upstairs.

Are you done now?” Jeanne asked. “Yes, it should work now.” Fred replied. Jeanne went into the kitchen and ran the water. Fred followed and watched. “Great!” Jeanne said. “And for your efforts I’m going to give you a special treat!”

Jeanne pulled up her sheer pink nightgown and slid off her panties. For a brief moment Fred could see her soft dark muff. That was surely a special treat! Jeanne held out her panties and said “Now drop your pants and I’ll let you sniff my panties while you jerk-off.”

Now Fred was really excited. He quickly dropped his pants and took his the panties from his ex. With one hand he held the panties up to his nose while he stroked his dick with the other hand. He could smell that wonderful aroma of her pussy. “Do you like the way my pussy smells?” Jeanne asked. “Yes dear.” Fred replied as he kept stroking his little dick. “Well, you’re never going to have any!” Jeanne asserted. Fred thought about the times when he use to bury his face in her soft muff and he blew his load onto the kitchen floor.

Now look what you’ve done.” Fred’s ex exclaimed. “Get down on your knees and lick it up!” Fred went down on his knees and as he licked up his cum his ex laughed and said “You’re so disgusting! No wonder I divorced you.” Fred started to get up but she said “You missed a drop.” as she pointed to a little pool of thick white cum. “Yes dear.” Fred said and he licked up that last drop.

Now get your sorry ass out of here!” Jeanne ordered. Fred pulled up his pants and left. On the way home he was thinking that he sure wanted his ex to have another stopped drain soon!

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Next- the future

Ken stroked his hard cock as he lay in bed. He with thinking about how Dr. DiCapri had sucked him dry. Now if only he could fuck her. He wondered what it would feel like. He had been so aroused by watching those Miners nail her, despite the danger he had been in. Then he remembered the way she had squealed as Hank gave her that porking. He cummed all over himself.

When he arrived at the lab Dr. DiCapri was busy with calculations. “If I'm going to calibrate this thing I need a third point.” She said. Ken gazed at her, imagining what it would be like to give her a porking like Hank had. His dick stiffened. “At this point, the best data would come from traveling into the future.” She continued. Still thinking about screwing his mentor, Ken put on his lab coat and prepared for their trip.

There was the typical bright white flash and then Ken and Angela were standing in a long hallway. The walls were bare except for occasional doors. “Common, let's see where this leads.” Angela said and Ken followed along behind her. Then one of the doors opened and a white-haired male in a lab coat emerged.

The white-haired stranger looked at them in surprise. “Can you tell us...” Angela started. But the stranger cut her off and exclaimed “What kind of perverse act are you engaged in?” He was looking at Ken, who was at a loss for words. “I assure you, we're not...” Angela started to explain, but again the stranger interrupted. “You had better come in here before security sees you.”

Angela and Ken followed him back through the doorway. “Perversions can be exciting.” The stranger said, “but surely it's best to do them in private. Now get her clothes off. I have a spare leash you can have.” Ken looked at him puzzled. “Go ahead, undress her.” the stranger insisted. “If security sees that woman with clothes on they'll confine you for at least a year and put her up for sale. Then your little perversion wouldn't seem like such fun.”

Ken started unbuttoning Angela's lab coat. It dropped to the floor and he continued with her blouse. His dick grew harder as he unhooked her bra. For her part, Angela was trying to figure out what the significance stranger had said. Was this what the future was like? Ken slid her skirt off, then pulled her panties down. “You can leave those red pumps on her.” the stranger explained. “Since that's all women can wear by law.” Then he asked “Where did you come by those old-fashioned female clothes?” Not knowing anything else to say Ken replied “A garage sale.” The stranger gave him a puzzled look, and then handed him a leash. “Here, but this on her and you'll be ok.” He said. “And next time do that sort of thing in private!”

Angela started out the door, with Ken holding her leash and following behind. “You had better teach your female better manners.” The stranger warned. “She should always follow behind, you know.”

So Ken lead the way with Angela in tow on her leash. “We have to figure out what's going on here.” Angela said. “And why women can't wear clothes in this time. And this leash...” For his part, Ken kind of liked the idea of having Dr. DiCapri nude on a leash. He was wondering if this meant that he could use her body as he pleased. They came to a door with a window and could see it lead outside.

Once they were out on the street Ken and Angela noticed that there were other men with nude women in tow. They could also see that the vehicles in the street were much different than anything they were familiar with. The architecture was strange too. As they walked down the street Ken couldn't help but notice all those naked bodies. Other men noticed Ken's woman too, and one of them approached him and said “That's a nice cunt you've got there.”

Why thank you.” Ken replied, taking it as a complement. Then he checked out the brunette that his new acquaintance was towing. She was young, with fairly large perky tits. She had a very healthy figure, her bush was neatly trimmed, and she was wearing black pumps. All Ken could think of was what it would be like to fuck her. “I like her mature look.” the new acquaintance said. “Especially with those tiny titties. And that untrimmed bush is really wild looking. Would you be interested in exchanging cunts?”

Ken wasn't quite sure what this guy was talking about, but he supposed that it meant that he would get to fuck the brunette. “Sure.” He replied and then he followed the new acquaintance to a hotel. Ken noticed that the new acquaintance got a room without having to pay or show any identification. He thought that was rather strange. He followed the new acquaintance to the elevator, then into the room. Next to a panoramic window was a railing. The new acquaintance took his brunette over to it, fastened her wrists to two cuffs on the railing, and said “She's all yours.” Ken took Angela over to the railing, cuffed her next to the brunette, and repeated “She's all yours.”

Angela was rather offended by the fact that she was being causally traded for sex. What had society come too she wondered. Then the new acquaintance dropped his pants and thrust his hard cock into her pussy. Oh well, she thought, she might as well enjoy the lay. Ken dropped his pants too and took the brunette's ass between his hands. This was the moment he had waited so long for. He was going to finally fuck a woman. But he had wanted to have sex with Dr.DiCapri. Maybe she should be his first. Ken hesitated for a moment. But with his cock rock-hard and a pussy in front of him he couldn't resist. He thrust into the brunette and started humping her. Within less than a minute he had cum inside her.

Ken's new acquaintance went about things much differently. He fucked Angela slowly at first, kneading her little titties and pinching her nipples. He nibbled on her ear while he humped her. Ken sat down and watched his new acquaintance's smooth lovemaking. Angela had an orgasm after about five minutes, but the acquaintance kept on humping her. He sped up a little and she had another orgasm after maybe twenty minutes. Then he really started fucking Angela hard. All this time the brunette, still cuffed, was watching and wishing it was her getting nailed. Angela had several more orgasms as her lover humped her for over an hour. Then they both seemed to be peaking together

Ken's cock grew hard as he watched Angela and her lover climax together. Then the acquaintance pulled up his pants, uncuffed his woman, and left. Ken walked over to Angela, who was drenched in perspiration. Now was his chance. He took her ass between his hands and prepared to penetrate her. “Don't you dare put your cock inside me.” She warned.

Ken hesitated, his hands still on her naked ass. “You are hardly in a position to resist.” He said as he gazed upon her vulnerable position. He pushed his erect dick against her wet pussy lips. One thrust and he would be inside her. “Don't you dare!” Angela said sternly. “Now uncuff me.” Obediently Ken did what he was told.

Don't you think a woman should have a say in these matters?” Angela asked once she was freed. “Apparently not in this society.” Ken replied. “Yes, and you certainly took advantage of that poor brunette.” Angela added. Now we need to find out what is going on here.” With that they went out and searched until they found a library. Once inside Angela began looking through the electronic records while Ken ogled her naked body. He should have laid her when he had the chance, he thought.

It seems that this is all the result of an anti-aging drug that was invented in the 22nd century.” Angela announced. “A side effect was that it made the males very virile and increased their sex drive. Females also had an increased sex drive, but they became more docile. This drug was discovered by accident. Common, we need to see if all this can be undone.” “But where are we going to go?” Ken asked as he followed her back into the street.

There she is!” A voice said from behind. Ken and Angela turned to see Ken's new acquaintance along with two other males, one of which had a blonde in tow. “I told my friends about your cunt.” The acquaintance said. “We brought one of ours along. Care for another exchange?” Ken checked out the blond. She had big boobs, a healthy figure, and a neatly trimmed bush, just like the other cunt. He remembered how nice it had felt fucking that brunette. “Sure.” He replied. Angela gave him a hostile look.

The group checked into a room and cuffed the girls. “You're right about that mature look.” One of the men said. “You only see it in old photographs.” “Ya, and those little titties.” Another remarked. “Very unusual.” Ken surmised that the anti-aging drug was responsible for the appearance of all the woman in this time. He wasn't sure it would be doing humanity a service to destroy it. One of the guys dropped his pants and started humping Angela. The other two sat down and had a beer while they watched. Ken joined them, leaving his cunt waiting.

It was over an hour before the first guy was done with Angela. Ken could see that she was wet with perspiration, having climaxed repeatedly. He decided to fuck his cunt. This time he decided to go slower. This is probably just like edging he told himself. This time he lasted for several minutes, but the result was the same. He blew his load before his cunt was even close to climax.

In the mean time Angela continued to get nailed. By the time Ken's acquaintance was done with her she had been fucked continuously for over four hours and had lost track of how many orgasms she had. When the others left Ken approached Angela. Still cuffed, she was soaked in perspiration and cum was oozing down the inside of her thigh. Now was his chance. He took her ass between his hands and shoved his cock into her slimy pussy. “Take that thing out of me right now.” Angela insisted. “You're in no position to make me.” Ken replied as he started humping her. Just then there was a bright flash of intense white light.

They were back in the lab! Angela pulled away from Ken, leaving his hard cock waving uselessly in thin air. He looked at her sweaty naked body in remorse. “I'm sorry.” He said.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Angela Time Traveler

This will never work, Ken thought to himself. I’m wasting my time working with Dr.DiCapri and I’ll never get a degree in physics. “We need another microprocessor.” Angela said as she motioned to Ken. “Well, it had better be the last because we don’t have another.” Ken replied. “That’s ok.” Angela said as she inserted the last microprocessor into one of the circuit boards. “I think it’s ready to go now.”

Ken put on his lab coat and stood next to Angela. Angela entered some numbers into her modified smart phone and suddenly there was a bright light. Moments later they were standing outdoors. “I believe this is 150 years ago.” Dr. DiCapri said. At that time there were no houses in this area.” Ken looked around in amazement. It really did work! Dr. DiCapri had made a time machine!

Just then they heard a voice from behind. “Where did those strangers come from?” it said. Angela and Ken turned around and saw three miners and a mule approaching. “I don’t know, but one of them is a woman. I haven’t had a woman in years!” another said. The miners drew their guns. Angela started to enter numbers into her smartphone but one of the miners grabbed her and it fell to the ground. The other two grabbed Ken. “Let’s tie him up so we can concentrate on the lady.” one of them said.

They tied Ken up as the other miner ripped Angela’s lab coat apart and tore at her blouse. Once he was secured one of the miners said “Let’s pull his pants down and see if he gets a hard on watching us fuck his mother.” Then they went for Angela.

By this time Angela was completely naked. The miner who stripped her pointed his gun at her head and ordered “On your knees and suck my cock.” Sure enough, the sight of Dr. DiCapri stark naked and sucking a cock made Ken hard. The miners got a good laugh. But they soon concentrated on getting a fucking Angela’s mouth.

When it was the third miner’s turn he put the barrel of his pistol against Angela’s head and said “I wonder what it would be like to blow her brains out right as I cum in her mouth.” Another miner quickly added “You can find out later, but right now we’ve got to fuck her first.” “Ya, but let’s watch her suck her son’s dick first. The idea of incest really turns me on!” Of course Angela wasn’t Ken’s mother, although she was probably old enough to be. But neither Ken nor Angela corrected them. They led her over to where Ken was tied against a tree and Angela knelt between his legs. His cock was hard and standing straight up. Angela put her hands on Kens thighs and took his dick in her mouth.

This had been one of Ken’s fantasies, having Dr. DiCapri suck his dick. In fact, many nights he had masturbated to the thought before going to bed. It felt so good having her lips run up and down his hard shaft. He felt as if he was about to cum. But then he remembered the predicament they were in.

That’s enough.” One of the miners said. “It’s time for some fucking!” As two of them took Angela over to a log and threw her on top of it the third put the barrel of his pistol next to Ken’s stiff cock and said “I’m going to blow your sorry little dick off right after I blow your mom’s brains out.” Ken’s dick instantly went flaccid and the miner laughed. Then he went off to join his friends.

Ken worked at the ropes as he tried to free himself. At the same time his dick grew stiff again as he watched the miners fuck Dr. DiCapri. The miners were rough and they manhandled Dr. DiCapri, using her body for their pleasure. Finally it was the last miner’s turn. He grabbed hold of Angela’s long dark hair, shoved his cock in her mouth, and put the barrel of his pistol to Angela’s head. Angela was terrified! The miner fucked her face hard.

Finally Ken was free and he rushed to where Dr. DiCapri’s phone was on the ground. He frantically entered some numbers just as the miner was about to cum. Then, as the miner pulled the trigger, Angela disappeared and the bullet went harmlessly into the ground.

Dr. DiCapri and Ken were back in the lab. She was naked and he still had his pants down. Ken looked first into her eyes, and then down her body to her small pointy titties. His dick got hard again. “Am I a mother figure to you?” she asked. Ken didn’t know what to say. “Did your mother ever give you a blowjob?” Dr. DiCapri asked as she got down on her knees and took his stiff little dick in her mouth. Ken was so turned on that it didn’t take long before he blew his load in her mouth. Dr. DiCapri stood up and said “Now go home and get some rest. We’ve got a lot of work to do tomorrow.”

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Alien Abduction

Fred was sitting in front of his computer, masturbating to porn. At one point he switched to some pics of his ex. Often he liked to save his load for her.

High above the earth Kang and Kodos were watching everything that pervert was doing. “What is that he's doing with his reproductive organ?” Kodos asked. “I think they call it foreplay.” Kang replied. “But there is no potential mate in his proximity.” Kodos stated. “We can fix that.” Kang asserted.

Moments later Fred appeared in a large dark room high above the earth. Kang adjusted some more controls and suddenly his ex-wife was there too. Fred thought that he must be dreaming. There was his Jeanne, his ex, naked in front of him.

“What is the meaning of this?” Jeanne shrieked. Then she walked up to Fred and put her knee into his groin. “You're responsible for this!” She growled as Fred rolled around on the floor in pain. “Is that foreplay too?” Kodos wondered. “I don't think so.” Kang replied. “Maybe she's not receptive. But we can fix that.” Then, with a flip of a dial Jeanne was spread-eagle on the floor. Fred stood up and looked at her naked body, legs spread wide apart. He started stroking his dick.

“What are you doing?” Jeanne snarled. “Stop that.” But she couldn't move. But Fred just smiled and continued jerking-off. “Are they having sex now?” Kodos asked. “I'm not sure.” Kang replied. Then he checked in the porn mag they had recently procured with their transporter. “I think they usually do this at the end of sex.” Kang asserted. “He's suppose to insert his sex organ inside her first.”

As Fred stroked his little dick he heard a voice from above “Insert your sex organ into the female.” “Sure thing.” Fred replied. He knelt in front of his ex. “Just what do you think you're going to do.” She snarled. Fred buried his face into her hairy crotch. “Stop that, ohhhh.” Jeanne said as he ran his tongue the length of her pussy lips. Her clit began to swell and Fred took it into his mouth and sucked on it. This is like old times he thought. Now Jeanne was getting hot and no longer protested. She was getting wet and Fred could taste her sweet pussy juices. And that smell, how he had missed that sweet smell! Jeanne pressed Fred's face tight against her crotch. He couldn't breath! All he could do is suck her clit harder!

Jeanne's body tensed up, she arched her back, and then started jerking rhythmically. “Is she having an orgasm?” Kang asked. “I think so.” Kodos replied. Fred loved the way her body felt, his face buried in her hairy cunt and his hands holding her thighs. Now her pussy juice was oozing out more than before and he lapped up every bit of it. When Jeanne stopped cumming she got very sensitive. When they were together she would have pushed his head away at this point. But Fred kept licking her juicy cunt. “Stop!” she pleaded. But Fred wasn't about to. He hadn't had pussy in so long and wanted to get as much as possible! And soon Jeanne was pushing Fred's face into her crotch again. Fred always knew that his ex could experience multiple orgasms if only she would let him continue.

And she did. This time Fred almost passed out as Jeanne pushed his face harder into her crotch than ever before. But just before he lost consciousness she arched her back again and started sharing violently. Fred lapped up more cunt juice. Then he knelt between her spread legs and began to stroke his dick. “Stop that you sick pervert!” Jeanne ordered. But Fred only stroked his little dick harder until finally his thick white cum splattered all over Jeanne's naked body. He was so excited that some of it reached all the way to her face. “You fucking sick pervert!” Jeanne cried, helpless to move out of the way as the aliens had immobilized her on the floor with her legs spread wide apart.

“Is that sex?” Kang asked. “Yes, I think so.” Kodos answered.

The humans were returned to their homes by the aliens. Jeanne was pissed, but Fred was so very content, at least for the moment!

It'll be Fun

“I don't know.” Karen said hesitantly. “Common, it'll be fun.” Fred replied. “Lot's of people do it. It's not as abnormal as you think.” “Well, maybe someday...” Karen conceded. “Let's do it right now.” Fred insisted. “I'll get some rope and you get undressed.

As Fred went into the other room to get his things Karen started to unbutton her blouse. A few moments ago she was all hot on having sex, but now...this way? Fred returned and said “Hurry up, get undressed.” As Karen slipped out of her panties she said “Just this once.”

Fred guided Karen over to a large arm chair and had her sit down. Then he tied her arms to the chair. It seemed to Karen that he was using an awful lot of rope. After all, she wasn't going to be trying to escape. Then Fred took hold of Karen's hips and slid her out to the edge so that she was slouched in the chair. “What are you doing?” Karen asked. “I'm positioning you so that you'll be easy to fuck.” Fred said as he moved her right leg over to the chair leg and tied it firmly with lots of rope. “Do you do this often?” Karen asked somewhat alarmed. Fred really seemed to know what he was doing. And after all, even though they were having a very torrid romance she hadn't really known him that long.

Fred didn't answer. He simply bound Karen's left leg to the chair. Now her legs were wide apart. Then Fred produced a red ball gag. “What's tha...” she started to say as Fred put the ball gag in her mouth. Then the doorbell rang.

Don't answer that! Karen thought to herself. She would have said that but she was gagged, But to Karen's horror, Fred answered the door and a group of men came in. Karen was mortified!

The men all came up to where Karen was hogtied and stared down at her. Karen wished she was somewhere else. Anywhere else! “Look what we have here!” One of the men exclaimed, “You did a nice job of tying her up.” Another told Fred. “Nice looking cunt!” A third said. Karen didn't like being called a cunt. But her legs were spread wide apart and she was helplessly exposed. “She's a hairy cunt.” Another remarked. “We could shave her.” One of the strangers suggested. “Let’s not. I like my pussy hairy.” Another asserted.

“Fred walked over to Karen and said “You guys can check her out and decide if she's the kind of cunt you'd like to fuck.” Then as he gave her breasts a little squeeze he continued. “But I can tell you that she's a good lay.” “Why's that?” One of the strangers asked. “Is it just because she's got a pussy?” “That's good for a start.” Fred replied. “But she also gets nice and wet and wiggles around when she cums.”.

One of the strangers approached Karen and ran a finger along her bare arm. “I like women who react.” He said. Then there was a hand on Karen's breast. And then a hand on her thigh, and suddenly there were hands all over her body. A finger found it's way into her pussy. Then the man who touched her first started undressing. When he was completely naked he stood in front of Karen, his dick sticking straight out, and said “It's nice of you to share his cunt with us Fred.” I'm not his cunt, Karen thought as the stranger took hold of her thighs and put the tip of his dick against her pussy. “I also like the way you spread her legs apart nice and wide too.”

Karen felt his cock pushing inside her. She was dry and tight but the stranger was persistent, pushing his cock in hard. It hurt and Karen wished that he would stop, but the stranger wanted his piece of ass so he road roughshod on her pussy. Finally the stranger blew his load into Karen's tight cunt and it was over. Then Karen saw the next stranger walk up to her, cock in hand. “Sloppy seconds.” Fred remarked. Karen took offense at being called sloppy. Why had she ever had anything to do with that bastard?

But the fact that Karen's cunt was sloppy made the second stranger's entry easier and it didn't hurt so much. In fact, as the second stranger humped Karen it actually started to feel good. But Karen wasn't about to enjoy this. She fought hard not to give in to the pleasure. But Karen lost the battle when the third stranger fucked her. Her back arched and her whole body had several quick jerking movements. “Her first orgasm!” Fred announced. All of the strangers cheered. But Karen didn't notice as she was consumed with orgasm.

The third stranger stepped up for his turn. Karen was limp, “She's getting wet now/” Fred announced. That asshole, Karen thought. She had always had voluminous secretions during sex and this was another source of embarrassment, The fact that Fred pointed it out made her hate him even more. But her hate was soon gone as the third stranger slid his cock inside her wet pussy. It didn't take long for her second orgasm. “That makes two.” Fred announced. “She's such a slut!” Karen heard that remark as it came just after she finished her orgasm. She thought of castrating her former boyfriend. Then the fourth stranger approached. He fucked her really hard and long and Karen had a really intense orgasm. “Three in a row!” Fred exclaimed. Lets go for four, Karen thought to her self as the next guy approach, his huge cock sticking straight out.

By now Karen’s cunt was really sloppy with cunt juice and cum and making lots of noise as each of the guys took his turn. Finally only Fred was left. He walked behind Karen and removed her ball gag. “You’re going to have a hard time coming close to the performance of your friends.” she said scornfully. “They all had bigger cocks than you.” “I know.” Fred said as he knelt in front of her. Then he ran his tongue the length of Karen’s swollen pussy lips, lapping up the goo. Karen looked into his eyes. She wanted more. “Lick it up, lick it all up!” she exclaimed. And Fred did just that! Soon Karen had her final orgasm as Fred fucked her with his tongue.

Fred untied Karen as the guys all got dressed. Karen stood up and put her arms around her naked boyfriend. “That was really exciting!” she told him. She gave him a deep kiss. Then she ran her knee hard into his crotch. Fred fell to the ground and sweat began pouring from his forehead. “That’s for not telling me what you had in mind.” she told him. Then she turned to the guys and said “Next time we won’t need the robe.”